Police, Fire, & EMS

"Unitl you put your life up as collateral for another life, you don't know what life saving is about."

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First Responders and Family

Wellness Beyond the Call
Duration 50 minutes
$100 per session
**Ask about first responder discount

First responders experience trauma and crisis in their field of work daily. Research indicates that strong family bonds can help reduce the effects of stress and trauma. The realities of your job won’t change, but the quality of your life and relationships can.

Beyond the Call

As the proud wife of a first responder, it is important for families to understand the role they play in the mental health and well being of their spouse or partner. Both parties must endure long work hours and differing schedules, this can mean missing important family events and makes spending time together difficult. First responders build close connections and bonds with other responders, after all, they experience life-saving events together and often process traumatic events with each other. For a spouse, it can feel like coworkers get to experience their significant other when they are at their best. By the time a first responder returns home, they are completely exhausted.
While all relationships have their challenges, there are some simple yet significant things you can do to strengthen your bond and draw closer. It is important to reshape relationship dynamics to your needs and ways to adjust from a "work" atmosphere to a "family" culture.

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"Invest in your mental health, it pays the best interest"

All services provided are private pay and payment is due at the time of each session in the form of cash or credit card. 

All major credit cards, Flex Spending Account (FSA), and Health Savings Account (HSA) cards are accepted. 

I understand that therapy can be expensive. Under special circumstances, I am able to accept a reduced fee for clients who qualify. Please let me know if have questions about this.